Chicago Flower & Garden Show

Initially inspired by the Arts & Crafts Style, the Chicago garden also reflected trends in exterior decorating - all the comforts of home. A Trex deck is dressed in deep, cushy sofas with matching lounge chairs and a coffee table, while nearby dining areas combine with a modular kitchen console and an outdoor fireplace.

Laid-Back Looks
Frank Lloyd Wright's signature style is revisited in the legs of two stainless steel chaises, the carriage of a teak dining table and the chair backs. The table-top floral design by Instincts Design Studio, utilized blooming forsythia branches, glorioso lilies, yellow oncidium orchids, Dutch brassia cabbage and fresh cork-screw willow. The unique, sweeping design spanned the length of the table. A free form galax leaf table runner provided a natural base for the exquisite design, embracing Wright's philosophy of bringing nature indoors.

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