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Instincts Design Studio, Ltd, Best Wedding Florists in Chicago - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner
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Instincts Design Studio, Ltd, Best Wedding Florists in Chicago - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
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"A job is a self-portrait of the person who did it - Autograph your work with excellence."


Candles & FlowersInstincts Design Studio, Ltd. was created in 1990 by Tassie Tagarelli.  As the creator, I was told by many, that we would not survive unless we did cheap looking, mass produced wedding work. Deep in my heart I knew people wanted and craved unique and different designs. Only they didn't know what - or for that matter - how, to ask for it. I was also told the carnation was the bread & butter of the wedding, as well as, the floral industry. We could not survive without incorporating them into all our designs. Well, we proved them all wrong!!!  As anyone who "knows me" knows - I like bread & butter, as much as my competition, maybe more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But instead of Wonder Bread & Parkay, I prefer imported Italian bread & sweet cream butter!

Our designs are unique, fresh & creative.  Our clients desire a "look" that is a reflection of their own personal style.  Initially, they may not know how to convey their thoughts; however, when shown photos from previous events & of different botanical varieties - they are able to make selections reflective of their personalities.  The excitement in creating a new look every weekend is the ultimate "pay off" for many months of planning, creative thinking, designing & searching for the perfect items for each client. Cookie cutter weddings - the same every weekend - rehash of previous events - NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We only book one event per day.  Ensuring prompt and personal attention.

Our designs & creative visions become gorgeous realities at our large studio/warehouse. Located off the beaten path & filled with an abundance of fresh flowers for your event.  Also, we assist you with any last minute details at the ceremony.  Myself, or a member of my staff, attend all of our weddings to ensure all work is done to my high standards. What is our fee for assisting you at the ceremony?  Zero, because we truly enjoy seeing all the pieces fall perfectly into place!!!  Being personally involved is a priceless commodity.

My staff has to share my desire for perfection or they are not a member of my company.

Instincts Design Studio, Ltd. has evolved into a unique & trusted company.  Previous clients, wedding guests, and other wedding professionals refer the majority of our clients.  That is our best testimonial.

How far will we travel to do your wedding decor?

We have designed flowers for weddings & events throughout the United States and Italy.



Tassie Tagarelli
577 Pennsylvania Avenue
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Phone: (630) 665-8960