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Instincts Design Studio, Ltd, Best Wedding Florists in Chicago - 2014 Couples' Choice Award Winner
Weddings, Wedding Venues
Instincts Design Studio, Ltd, Best Wedding Florists in Chicago - 2013 Bride's Choice Award Winner
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Weddings, Wedding Venues
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"A job is a self-portrait of the person who did it - Autograph your work with excellence."


Why is it so hard to compare floral proposals?

Florists all have different styles of work, use different quality grades & quantities of flower product.  Some florists prefer to use a lot of greenery & fewer flowers - while others use predominately flowers and very little or no greenery.  Quality of the product is a huge factor.  The old adage - you get what you pay for - most definitely applies to wedding flowers.  Full, lush designs of premium quality flowers will cost more than an arrangement of mostly greens and a few flowers of lesser quality.

How does Instincts Design Studio compare to other florists using the above comparisons??

We use only premium quality flowers & lots of them!!!

Why is that???

We feel that wedding & party flowers take a lot of abuse during the event - in & out of limos, photos in hot sun, photo shoots under hot lights and the flowers need to look great all day.  So with this in mind - we feel that starting with a superior, well-conditioned product will withstand all the demands of a long, fun-filled day!!! 

Where do the flowers come from???

Most of the flowers come direct from the growers.  Roses come direct from South America via FedEx.  Orchids come direct from Thailand or Hawaii.  Bulb flowers and European specialties come direct from Holland via FedEx.  Other items are purchased from a local wholesaler.

Why do flowers come from so many places???

We prefer to deal with the growers directly if possible. The product is fresher and we have more control of the quality.

Are the flowers more expensive because they come from all over the world??

No - flowers come from all over the world no matter where they are purchased.  We have just cut out the middleman in search of a fresher, more unique product.

When are the flowers for my wedding delivered to your shop?

Your wedding flowers arrive 2 days before your event.  So if you have a Saturday wedding the flowers arrive on Thursday.  Most flowers are shipped dry so they need 1 day to condition & hydrate and then the next day is your wedding.  We do not hold any flowers over from week to week.  We start fresh with each event and buy just what we need.

Why does Instincts Design Studio only book one function per day??

Stretching oneself too thin only results in disappointed clients.  Quality and/or customer service suffers when a company overextends itself.  Plus, we truly enjoy attending our client’s weddings and assisting them as much as possible.

How far in advance should I reserve a florist for my wedding?

Since we only book one event per day - we book up quickly - sometimes as far in advance as 15 months.  Your best bet is to call as soon as you have reserved your reception venue and we can check our availability.

Do you have photos of your work or use generic florists magazines?

We do not use generic florists magazines.  You be able to view photos from previous events.  We have hundreds of photos of our work and are proud to share them with you.  These photos show a wide range of styles, flower combinations, decor items & sizes.  We have photographs of brides, bridesmaids, ceremony venues, reception venues, centerpieces, decor items, cakes, etc.

Why does it take 2 appointments to select my flowers??

The primary purpose of the first appointment is to view the work, see the quality, obtain price information & to see what is available to you.  The second appointment is to make the final selections & solidify the final details.

If I have already seen your work at a friend’s event, and I am familiar with your pricing, can I do all the details in one appointment??

Yes, if you prefer.

I live out of town but will be having a local wedding - is this a problem??

Not at all!!!  All we ask is that you let us know a few weeks before you will be in town so we can rearrange our schedule to accommodate your time schedule.

Do you have wedding packages?

No - every client has his or her own personal style, needs & ideas.  We feel packages lead to mass production and a loss of the couple’s individuality.

What is the average cost of wedding flowers?

That is a very difficult question to answer.  There are so many factors that influence the final cost.  The bridal bouquet - what type of flowers, style & size, bridesmaids - how many & size, centerpieces - quantity & size, church decor - simple or elaborate, reception decor - simple or elaborate, sweet table decor, cake flowers, the time of year, is the wedding on a holiday, etc.  We have designed weddings of all sizes - from $2,500-$30,000 - depending on the budget & style of the bridal couple.  The flowers & designs are a reflection of the bridal couple - people are different – so will be the costs.

Instincts provides more customer services - are you more expensive?

If you compare dollar for dollar - yes, our price will be higher.  Sometimes brides just compare price totals but this is not an accurate way to do a comparison.  You have to be comparing apples to apples - not apples to oranges!!  If you compare the quality & quantity you are getting - it is a great value.  We use only the best quality flowers we can find and we use a lot of flowers.  Not a lot of greenery to make it look big and then a few flowers.  You are paying for flowers - not greens!!

My wedding is on Mother’s Day weekend - will this be a problem?

No. We do strictly weddings, parties & corporate events.  We do not do local deliveries and are not affected by the holiday rush of Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day or any other holiday.  Holiday weddings are most welcome.

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