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"A job is a self-portrait of the person who did it - Autograph your work with excellence."


I spend a great deal of time with my clients trying to "get into their heads" to make sure they are really selecting the designs they will be truly happy with. I visit all sites (ceremony and reception) before the event to view the decor and avoid any last minute surprises.

I also like to meet the staff at these locations. I have found that people communicate much better in person, and are more willing to accommodate special requests in person. Personal contact and getting to know specific personalities are a major part of

I am passionate about life and my work. I love my work and my designs show my enthusiasm and love of flowers.

We've gone beyond the call of duty when...

Upon delivery of the bridal party bouquet to the brides home and snapping some photos for my portfolio, it was brought to my attention that the limo driver was in the wrong area and would not be able to get the bridal party to the church in time for the ceremony. I drove the bride and 2 attendants to the church in my delivery van. It wasn't very plush, but they arrived on time!!!!

Another wedding required me to translate the best man's toast from English to Italian. The best man wanted to surprise the groom's family by reciting the toast in Italian as well as in English. The family member delegated to help the best man never showed and the best man was bitterly disappointed. I overheard the situation and offered to do the translation. I was delighted to use my second language as well as allowing the best man to surprise the groom's family. Bellissima!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, sewing on tuxedo buttons, fixing cuffs and repairing the hems of bridal and attendants' gowns.

Unique Requests

I was asked to make floral collars for the birde's dog and for her horses! She was taking formal photos of herself with her animals and they needed to be properly attired.



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