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The perfect wedding flowersRoses

Selecting your wedding flowers should be a joyous experience. Lush bouquets in antique urns for the ceremony, fragrant, pristine flowers for your bouquet, and the final touch on the wedding cake - the beauty of the flowers will enhance your wedding from beginning to end.  In order to create the perfect wedding atmosphere, you need to find the perfect floral designer for you.  Do your research and ask a lot of questions.  Remember there are no silly or stupid questions!!  A floral designer that is proud of their work will be eager to show you photographs of their designs and to listen to the vision you have for your wedding.  Just as all brides are different so are designers.  If you do not "click" with the first person you meet continue your search for your "floral soul mate" so to speak.  A talented, creative designer will offer knowledge, guidance & numerous ideas.  As the bride, you need to feel comfortable with the person with which you will be working.

How to get started

You will want to start your search as soon as a reception location has been secured.  Preferably 12-14 months before the event. Talented, creative floral designers book up quickly.  Some designers only book one event per day - some book one event per weekend. It is a misconception that a bride needs to have all the gowns selected before she meets with a designer.  This is simply not true.  A second appointment can be arranged to solidify all the details.  Your primary concern is contracting with a professional that shares your wedding ideas & one that can offer assistance & expertise.

Some things to look for

If the designer is a retailer, look around their shop. Mentally ask yourself some questions.  What type of environment have they created?  Is it pleasing to you?  Are the members of their staff helpful & courteous?  Do you feel your wedding will receive the attention it deserves?  What is the overall impression you have about the shop and the work designed there?  If your wedding falls on a holiday weekend or during a holiday season, will your wedding be top priority or will the 50 poinsettia plants bump your wedding to the bottom of the list?  Can you meet with the designer who will actually be making your flowers?  How long has the shop been designing flowers for weddings?

If the designer works out of a studio or warehouse space, do not be concerned.  Many designers today prefer to concentrate on special events and not the everyday workings of a traditional shop.  Many brides prefer the one-on-one atmosphere.  They feel they get more personal attention, a wider variety of flowers and more unique designs.

Wherever the designer works, always request a contract reserving the date and always request to see photographs of their work.  Not a magazine of what they could do, ask to see what they have actually done as you look at the photographs look for the following:

  Do the flowers look crisp and fresh?
  Are the photos current?  Can you tell whether the gowns
       are currently in style?
  Are the designs pleasing to your eye or not too
  Do the flowers complement the setting?
  Do the designs all look the same or are there a wide
    variety of styles?
  Is the designer willing to create something new just for

Designs, designs, designs, choosing your own style

Now it is time for the details!!  In the months before the wedding, try to become more aware of flowers.  Save photos of styles you like, shapes of bouquets or just a color palate pleasing to you.  Magazines, books & websites are great resources - garden, home & wedding-related media will be of great assistance.  Bring all these ideas, plus your own personal style to your final "flower meeting".  These items added to your designer’s portfolio and expertise, will expedite the selection process.

Having a problem finding things you like in print or cannot verbalize your ideas??  A qualified designer will know the right questions to ask to "pull" the ideas from you.  A little extra time & patience will make it all come together.  Don’t get frustrated or lose your composure.  Selecting all the necessary items for the bridal party, ceremony & reception can seem like an overwhelming task, but once the style and feeling of the flowers are determined it quickly falls into place.  Start with the bouquets, move on to the ceremony decor and finish up with the reception.

Day of the wedding services

In order to alleviate anxiety on your wedding day, you will need to ask these questions ahead of time.

  What type of services will be offered the day of the
  Where and when will the flowers be delivered and by
  Will there be an assistant at the ceremony to pin on
       boutonnieres & corsages,  set-up the altar designs, pew
       decor, runner, etc?
  Will the floral designer transfer the ceremony flowers to
       the reception or do I need to arrange to have a friend do
       this for me?

A full service floral design company will be your best friend on the day of the wedding.  All the flowers will be delivered to the locations specified in the contract.  Your family & friends are attending your wedding as guests, not workers.  Fine wedding attire is not conducive to working with large arrangements or loading items in cars, not to mention that flowers are perishable and need special handling.  A trained professional knows how to transport & reset these delicate items so they will look as fantastic at the reception as they did at the ceremony.

Final pearls of wisdom

The flowers you select for your wedding will be a reflection of you, your taste, style, color & design.  If you invest a little time before the wedding day and select a floral designer that shares your enthusiasm, you will be more than delighted with the end result.  The more you let your personality show, the easier it will be for a designer to create something reflective of you.  A floral designer that is passionate about their work leaves a little piece of their heart with each client.  When someone looks at the designs and says, "Oh, the flowers are so gorgeous and they look just like the bride!!!", that is the ultimate compliment.

This article was written by Tassie Tagarelli, Instincts Design Studio, Ltd.

Tassie Tagarelli is the driving force behind Instincts Design Studio, Ltd. as well as its founder.  In addition to her trend setting floral designs, her work is often featured at many charitable functions, including March of Dimes and the college of Dupage, Glen Ellyn campus.  She is also a member of the Society of American Florists.



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